Curtains For French Doors

Are You Looking For Curtains For French Doors? Then You've Come To The Right Place!

Curtains For French DoorsFor Those Who Don't Know -- Just What Are French Doors?

A French door is sometimes called a French window. A French door is a very distinctive kind of door, he does it is a door that has a number of Windows built right into it, for the entire length of that door. In olden days French doors are manufactured using very small pieces of a glass and other substances. Today French doors are often made of double pane glass, and may also make use of a decorative grille which separates the various panes of glass. Often times homeowners who have one or more French do worse in their home, need curtains for French doors as well.

What Do Curtains for French Doors Look like?

Curtains for French doors have a very distinctive appearance. Typically, curtains for French doors are mounted securely on hanging frames at the top and bottom edge of the French door. Also very typically, curtains for French doors are very narrow in size, as a separate curtain and curtain rods are mounted on either side of these doors. To add a decorative touch, and to allow for penetration of light, curtains for French doors are typically gathered in the middle with a narrow strip of fabric. This narrow strip of fabric is tightened just a bit, and tied off -- giving the curtains for French doors their distinctive hourglass shape.

Typical curtains for French doors are made from a very sheer material -- something light, Lacey, and airy. This means that you must be careful when you are shopping for curtains for French doors if you need those curtains for privacy, rather than for decoration. If you need your curtains for French doors in order to ensure your privacy, be careful that the fabric that you select cannot be seen through.

Curtains for French Doors: Precise Measurements Are Necessary.

When you are shopping for curtains for French doors, you must be very careful to measure your door accurately. Measurements are typically taken along the long edge of the door, extending from the center of the top rod pocket to the center of the bottom rod pocket. Standard sized panels for French doors are typically 30, 36, 45, 54, 63, and 72 inches long -- and the curtains for French doors that you select should be sized properly for your particular size outdoor panel. Curtains for French doors can be approximately 15 to 20 inches wide and still fit comfortably on your French door panels.