Decorative Curtain Rods

Curtains: Functional, Stylish, And An Essential For Every Home

Decorative Curtain Rods Would you like to go on a short shopping trip with me? I know you have just purchased those beautiful curtains for your home, but what about your curtain rods? Those old, well used curtain rods from the past would ruin the look of any curtains! So come on, grab your coat and wallet -- let's go out and do a bit of shopping, and see if we can't find some nice decorative curtain rods.

I think the first stop on our shopping trip should be to Elegant Curtain Rods ( The fine folks at Elegant Curtain Rods have a number of different decorative curtain rods for you to choose from. The ones I liked best were made from wood -- they offer both smooth wood, as well as fluted wood rods, in a variety of lengths: 4 feet, 6 feet, 8 feet, 12 feet. They also offer decorative curtain rods with an inlay pattern, either unfinished or finished. Their finished inlay rods are called, "Platinum Touch" -- and these decorative curtain rods are truly beautiful.

I also found some interesting offerings in decorative curtain rods from JC Penney (www For example, you can purchase clear curtain rods from JC Penney. These decorative curtain rods are adjustable, extending from 28 to 48 inches in length. They are clear, meaning that you will not even notice these decorative curtain rods once they are mounted -- you will only notice the color and design of your curtains!

A brand-new product from JC Penney is taken from their JC Penney Home Collection. It is called their Renaissance Collection, and it is all based around a one-inch diameter adjustable steel rod. These elegant decorative curtain rods have a very carefully applied finish that will add beauty to any window treatment. If you wish you can purchase finials, manufactured from resin. When you purchase these decorative curtain rods you will get all the hardware, as well as complete instructions -- you will however need to use your own tools to mount these curtain rods. These curtain rods are available in the following finishes: Fluted-Platinum, Glass-Renaissance, and Square-Oil Bronze. You can also purchase holdbacks and click brings in this style as well. As none of the curtain rods in this collection sell for more than $28, this is an excellent value in decorative curtain rods.

Finally, while we are out and about on our short shopping trip, let's stop over to The Shade Store. The Shade Store currently offer five different collections of decorative curtain rods. The Shade store offers decorative curtain rods with both steel and wooden rods. They offer decorative curtain rods in both 1 3/16 inch and 2 inch diameter poles. Their steel decorative curtain rods are specially beautiful, with a very sleek, modern look -- these would look wonderful in any room or in an apartment that incorporates an urban or contemporary motif. Prices on their decorative curtain rods begin at $60, and come complete with rings and brackets as well as the pole and finials.