Designer Shower Curtains

When You Want To Shower In Elegance: Designer Shower Curtains

Designer Shower Curtains Is your bathroom area looking a little bit ho-hum? Perhaps a little bit too ordinary? Well, if you don't have much money but would still like to give your bathroom a great facelift, why not purchase some designer shower curtains? Although they are called designer shower curtains, often times they are not very expensive at all to purchase. Here's just a sample of some designer shower curtains styles being offered today...

For our first stop we will go over to a site at Oscar International (, and take a look at their product line for just a few minutes. Oscar International makes a wonderful designer shower curtain called "Aruna". This designer shower curtain is made from silk Organza, which is heavier than regular silk cloth, but which is nevertheless very lightweight. This designer shower curtain is also very durable, so you know that it will last for years and years. Because this designer shower curtain is made of a very special material, it should be dry cleaned only, not laundered at home.

Also made from silk, although in a different weave, is another offering in designer shower curtains from Oscar international -- their Hiva style. This designer shower curtain is made in shimmering gold colors; it almost seems as if it is alive! It incorporates a very delicate flower pattern -- these designer shower curtains certainly evoke a Far East image. If your bathroom incorporates a gold, Brown, or light yellow color scheme, these designer shower curtains would be a perfect match.

A third offering from Oscar International is a wonderful print curtain -- called Tom -- and this designer shower curtain looks as if it should be hanging on the walls of an art Museum. It is made of 100% cotton organdy, and looks like an old French engraving from the 18th century. This designer shower curtain has tab tops at the top edge of the shower curtain, rather than the traditional holes (grommets) found on most shower curtains today.

Finally, if you are looking for some designer shower curtains that are REALLY unique, then you should go over to the website called Loft Party (, and check out their Izola shower curtain line. Loft Party offers five different designer shower curtain prints -- every one of which resembles a photograph taken of a very famous landmark or location: the Brooklyn Bridge, the Coliseum in Rome, big Ben in London, the city of Paris, and the waterways of Venice. Each of these shower curtains is priced at $35; the shower curtain resembles a black-and-white photograph, and is very nicely done. If you are into travel, history, or historical sites this would be a good choice for your home or apartment. I have never seen this particular line of shower curtains before, so if you own it your bathroom will truly stand out from the crowd.