Novelty Shower Curtain

Novelty Shower Curtains: Let's Go Shopping For Some Great Values!

Novelty Shower Curtain So you're in mood to do a little shopping, are you? Need some things for the home? How about we go shopping to look for some novelty shower curtains? I know that will find some great values out there it's just a matter of looking --

For our first stop let's go over to the fine folks at; they have a truly wonderful selection of novelty shower curtains, so let's posit for a moment and look over a few of them. Here is one of them, called the Easy Rider Shower Curtain. This great looking novelty shower curtain is made of sturdy eight gauge vinyl. Made by Blonder home accents, it features a wonderful illustration of a man sized motorcycle. Across the top and bottom border of this novelty shower curtain you will find orange flames. The Easy Rider Shower Curtain will be loved by any man in your household, whether young or old!

Also from shower, is their Bon Voyage Shower Curtain. This novelty shower curtain is made from white multi-colored polyester. The print on the shower curtain is absolutely gorgeous: it resembles illustrations drawn in previous centuries in places like Italy and Paris, France. If you have ever seen an old time theater poster in one of these European cities, then you will have a good idea of what this novelty shower curtain looks like.

If you've got kids in your house, they will surely love the Froggy Friends Shower Curtain. This novelty shower curtain offering from shower is made from 100% eight gauge vinyl. The print is very delightful and whimsical: it features green, yellow, and white pond scenes. With frogs jumping, and fireflies flitting about, this excellent novelty shower curtain will make shower and bath time a safe and inviting environment for any child.

Here's another child oriented novelty shower curtain, one that will perhaps appeal to the young daughters in your family. Called Bugs in Bloom, it is made of 100% polyester and light pink yellow and purple colors. Made by Blonder home accents, this novelty shower curtain features a cute selection of bugs arranged across the top and bottom border of the shower curtain. The very soft, alternating blue and pink pastels forming the background of the shower curtain, give it a wonderful feminine charm -- perfect for use in girls bathrooms where lighter pastel colors are often used.

Are you a pet owner were dog lover? Here's a really cute novelty shower curtain -- just for you. It too is from our fine friends at shower, and is manufactured using 100% multi-colored cotton. Made by creative bath, it features a very cute rendition of a repeating silhouette of a small Scottish terrier, set against a very tastefully done plaid pattern. Most of these novelty shower curtains are priced anywhere from $10 to around $40, depending on the materials used.