Southwestern Shower Curtains

Spice Up Your Bathroom: Southwestern Shower Curtains.

Southwestern Shower Curtains My mother-in-law, Marge, absolutely loves the southwestern states. When she was much younger, she and her husband traveled throughout the Southwest and and for a while lived in the city of Phoenix, Arizona. She has many fond memories of that place and time -- and one of the things that she has done in her home is to incorporate the use of Southwestern shower curtains and other accessories in her bathroom.

If you are shopping for Southwestern shower curtains on the Internet, what products might you find? Well, I went over to the website for Santa Fe Decor Inc. ( where I found a very beautiful set of bathroom accessories -- these are all a part of their "Mesa II" collection. These bathroom accessories also include Southwestern shower curtains as well as other items such as baskets, Kleenex holders, toothbrush holders etc. The Southwestern shower curtains which are a part of this accessories set are turquoise colored in a very effective design. Overall, the turquoise and sand combination effectively replicates design patterns used by the Indian tribes of this region for many years.

A second great-looking product in the Southwestern shower curtains, which I found online, was over on the site of Western Cowboy Decor ( Their Winchester Rider Collection, manufactured by blonder home, provides an interesting masculine accent in southwestern shower curtains. I say 'masculine', because these Southwestern shower curtains feature a very accurate reproduction from the famous Winchester Rider Collection. Retailing at around $40, the Winchester shower curtain is certain to make any man feel at home in the shower.

A third great offering in southwestern shower curtains comes to us from the folks at Southwest sensations ( Their Silverado shower curtain, retailing for around $50, is a beautifully executed southwestern shower curtains design in browns, reds, and golds reminiscent of patterns you might find in the painted Desert. This is southwestern shower curtain is a full 72" x 72", and breathes an air of quiet sophistication. A great thing about this southwestern shower curtain design is that it will appeal to both men and women, which makes it a very versatile product.

A fourth offering comes from the people at Sunland Home Decor ( they have a wonderful southwestern shower curtain in a henna pattern. As this southwestern shower curtain is made from fabrics, you will need to use it with a plastic shower curtain liner. A nice touch with this product line is that you may choose a shower curtain with a buttonhole top that incorporates leather straps and rustproof metal Conchos -- or you may choose this southwestern shower curtain with the standard traditional grommets and hooks. It is difficult to imagine anyone being able to see through this southwestern shower curtain design, so this is a good choice for bathrooms where privacy is an issue.

This is just a very, very small sample of the kinds of southwestern shower curtains that are available today. If you go shopping via the Internet, you will find a multitude of designs and fabrics to choose from.