Swag Curtain Pattern

Keep It Covered, In Style: Choosing A Great Swag Curtain Pattern

Swag Curtain Pattern

Do you know what a valance is? A valance, according to the Merriam Webster dictionary, is a short drapery or a wood or metal frame that is used as a decorative heading to conceal the top of curtains and other similar fixtures. There are actually several different types of window valances: balloon valances, ascot valances, and swag and valances. With the swag, were swag balance, the materials draped or hung across the top of the window. A distinctive feature of swag balances is that as the material is hanging, and it drapes not only across the top of the window, but also has tails or streamers of material that hang down on either side.

You can find swag curtain patterns to match almost any décor in your home: you can opt for a very simple swag curtain pattern, perhaps using any plain white or other light a solid color for the material. On the other hand, swag curtain patterns can be fashioned into a truly elegant presentation through the skillful arranging of a fine fabric such as any sheer fabric or lace.

Keep in mind when shopping for swag curtain patterns, that you can use swag material all by itself, to cover and set off an entire window -- or you can use swag curtain patterns in conjunction with blinds, drapes, or curtains for a more complex, layered look.

If you need your curtains to block the light in your room, to enhance sleeping or to ensure privacy, you can choose a swag curtain pattern made from a heavier, darker fabric. As an alternative, you can choose several swag curtain patterns -- combining any heavier material with a lighter one. The lighter material can be left showing on the outside, while the darker material of the swag curtain pattern can be left inside. The heavier material used in your swag curtain pattern can also be used to help keep cold air and drafts from coming into your room during the wintertime, and also to help keep cool, air-conditioned air inside your room in the summertime.

One important note: when choosing a swag curtain pattern, do not select materials that are too heavy. This is because you will need to drape the material across the window, and fabrics that are extremely heavy do not treat very well. As well, when selecting materials for your swag curtain pattern, try not to choose fabrics that have a design or print that goes in only one direction. As you will need to drape your swag, a pattern or print that goes in only one direction may not look right.