Wrought Iron Curtain Rods

A Solid Decorating Idea: Wrought Iron Curtain Rods

Wrought Iron Curtain Rods If you are looking for a wonderful decorating or design idea, wrought iron curtain rods provide an interesting alternative to the more traditional curtain rods used in homes today. One of the truly great things about wrought iron curtain rods, is that you can use them in nearly any room in your home: in the bedroom, in your kitchen, your living room and even in your dining room -- all of these rooms are excellent candidates for wrought iron curtain rods.

Another great thing about wrought iron curtain rods is that they match many different design styles. Whether you are going for a country look, log cabin, contemporary or any other design style, wrought iron curtain rods will fit in to your existing design scheme.

What Is Wrought Iron?

So, just what is wrought iron? Wrought iron is a specially processed form of iron. During the manufacturing process, almost all of the carbon element, normally present in iron, is removed. The removal of the carbon from the iron makes the iron metal makes it very easy to shape (forge) into many useful and decorative designs and shapes.

Another wonderful aspect of wrought iron curtain rods is that, because they are so substantial, they will last in your home along on time. Indeed, wrought iron curtain rods are oftentimes left in the home when it is sold, or taken down, carefully packaged, and passed down to the next generation in many families.

Styles and Colors in Wrought Iron Curtain Rods

Most of the time, you will find wrought iron curtain rods available in black and brown colors -- sometimes a basic, metallic color, sometimes with an aged look. Some sellers of wrought iron curtain rods sell units that are retractable rods. This means that one section of the curtain rod slides down into, and out of, another section. A retractable wrought iron curtain rod has an advantage in that it can be easily adjusted to many different window sizes. On the other hand, some manufacturers of wrought iron curtain rods will prefer to make curtain rods to the exact specifications of each of your windows.

When it comes time to install your wrought iron curtain rods, if your dealer lives near to your house they may come over for a visit and take measurements. If you are ordering your wrought iron curtain rods over the Internet, or through a catalog, or over the telephone, then you will of course need to take your own measurements and relay those measurements to your dealer/manufacturer.

As far as designs are concerned, you will find wrought iron curtain rods incorporating all sorts of interesting designs and shapes: various types of animals, plants, old West designs etc.

What Kind of Accessories Are Available for Wrought Iron Curtain Rods?

When purchasing your wrought iron curtain rods, what kind of additional accessories can you purchase? I'll mention four: First of all, you can select matching hooks that will attach your curtains to your wrought iron curtain rods. As well, you can select various kinds of rings, also to attach your curtains or drapes to your new wrought iron curtain rods.

Thirdly, you can select holdbacks, sometimes called tiebacks. Tiebacks look like small knobs which are mounted on each side of the window, on the wall near the opening. To use tiebacks, you simply take a small strip of fabric, wrap it around your curtains or drapes, and anchor it to the tieback knob. The use of tiebacks with your wrought iron curtain rods allows you to keep your drapes or curtains pulled back out of the way, and also allow more light to come in through the window.

Finally, along with your wrought iron curtain rods, you should purchase at least to finials for each curtain rod. What are finials? Finials are simply caps or plugs that fit over each end of your curtain rod. The finials are designed to match the color and style of your wrought iron curtain rods, and give them a finished look.